MegaReader 2.9.2

Almost 2 million free ebooks in one app


  • Lots of free books to choose from
  • Look 'through' books while reading
  • Customize text and page dimensions


  • Cluttered library display with no search

Very good

MegaReader is an innovative iOS ebook reader that gives you access to more than 1.8 million free ebooks.

There is a small selection of books pre-installed with MegaReader, and you can download and add more to your collection from a range of sources, including Feedbooks, Project Gutenburg and the Internet Archive.

You can browse lists of the books installed on MegaReader by title, author, or recently read. Unfortunately there's no search tool, which is annoying since the lists can be quite cluttered and hard to sift through.

The most innovative feature of MegaReader that sets it apart from the likes of iBooks, Kindle and Google Books, is its unique Heads Up Display option. This uses the live camera view as the page background, meaning - in theory - you can safely read as you walk along the street. We have to point out that you do this at your own risk, however!

There are plenty of ways you can customize your reading experience with MegaReader. There are 19 different preset color schemes, 31 fonts, 100s of text sizes, and you can alter things such as margin width, line spacing and text justification. MegaReader allows you to read in portrait or landscape mode, and will remember your place in a book when you pick it up again.

MegaReader is a great iOS ebook reader with a dazzling array of titles and some useful features, too.

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MegaReader 2.9.2

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